Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Watching What She Wants to Watch

Few things are more perplexing to us guys than a woman's fascination with Twilight. The other day I walked in on my wife who was watching the most recent film and apparently I walked in at the wrong time because Jacob was doing some kind of wolverine imprinting thing...Yeah I don't get it but it was pretty creepy.

So guys, there are some things which we simply cannot watch without risking the loss of our man card, however, it goes a long ways when you consent to watch what she wants to watch. So when you're planning a movie night be considerate, it's not likely that she's going to want to watch Saving Private Ryan or Braveheart. Ask her what she's interested in watching but make it clear that you have the right to veto that way she doesn't even bring up the idea of Twilight.

If your girl is anything like mine she'll likely be a sucker for the oldies so try a John Wayne movie or some kind of romantic comedy with your favorite man crush in it (for me that'd probably be Will Smith). Taking this approach makes for a nice compromise and you may find some of the John Wayne movies to be pretty good.

This upcoming weekend the new Twilight movie is coming out so my plan is to encourage my wife to see the 12:01 showing. It's brilliant really, I mean think about how easy it is to come up with an excuse to not see a 12:01 movie! Anyways she'll enjoy a ladies night out.

In conclusion I wanted to share a link to a BYU Comedy U Skit where a friend sings a tribute to Twilight and it's effect on relationships. Enjoy...