Friday, September 21, 2012

Best Autumn Dates

Best Autumn Dates

We are now getting to the end of September.  The leaves are changing colors and the air is starting to have that crisp feeling of fall.  Each season provides unique advantages and disadvantages in the dating scene.  Autumn is great because it kind of lands in the middle and you have a ton of options.  Here are a few ideas for great dates this fall.

 Evening Campfire

It is still warm enough to head up a canyon a little ways to have a classic campfire.  Campfires are a great date to get to know someone as it promotes a lot of conversation.  It can be a date that you go as a single couple or as a group.  I have yet to meet someone that doesn't enjoy at least one Smore!  With the weather starting to cool off you can expect the need to sit close together as the night goes on and the temperature drops.  Just sayin...

Saturday Morning Hike

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting a little exercise on a crisp fall morning.  It doesn't have to a super early date.  Pick up your date around 10 am, hike for a couple hours, and then eat a picnic lunch.  Hikes are a ton of fun and you get to know a lot of about your date very quickly.

College/High School Football Game

Attending a ball game is one of my favorite dates.  During the summer its baseball and now that we are into the fall it is football.  Attending a local high school football game on a Friday night can actually be a lot of fun and a very relaxed date.  If nothing else, you and your date will enjoy a good dose of people watching and reminiscing about the good old high school days.  If you have a little more money and want to see better football you can go watch a local college football game. 

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