Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to be good in a relationship with her?

There are three reasons not to go with somebody.
  1. Having an obsessive personality
  2. Not strict in their self-discipline
  3. Having negative thoughts
They further intend to rationalize their thoughts and opinions with giving suitable excuses even though somebody points out their flaw, such as
“An obsession is love!”, “Doing self-care is an expense!”, or “I am fat and ugly!”…
To change one’s mind and thoughts is not easy and there is no accurate way, but I want to share my ideas with you how they can change their mind and what is the best way.
Firstly, I have to love myself first. It is true that to love something costs time and effort. To take care of myself means enhanced my value. If I regard myself as a mature and valued person, I would love me. People say to love and to be loved is the greatest happiness in life. If you would be loved, love me and others.
Secondly, we can be loved and start a romantic relationship, and it is quite right to saying so. When you go to the second floor of UV library, you can see a well-known saying ‘Knowledge is power’. We don’t jump into the water before learning how to swim. Relationship is the same as this. We have to learn to love others and try to look on the bright side.
It is time to gather heart. Giving up is what you need to do for the last thing.

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