Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Easy First Date

I know it’s been done, but Miniature Golfing has its benefits. Don’t judge me yet! There is method to my underwhelmed madness. Ok, so the layout of the whole putt putt course looks like it came out of a scene from Mr. Rogers neighborhood; but this is a moment to see how your date will react to simple fun. If your having trouble getting over the puppet windmill, try to find a course that is unique. These days I have seen several courses that use 3D images, or incorporate an artists touch, not everything has to be “cheesy”. Just remember, it’s a first date! The first date is supposed to be about talking, flirting, and finding a way to open up with this new person. You don’t have to go over the top when your just getting to know each other, and this date is more like a long walk and you still get to show off your mad skills on the ramp that the ball wont go up.
Just a few things to remember:
~Watch your swing… I almost hit my date in the head with the putter and the ball had the speed to knock out a t-rex.
~Be wary of how competitive you get. If your both laughing, it’s all in good fun; but if you hit the ground with the putter or throw it at some old people, your date is going to freak out and try to get a ride home with some one else.

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