Friday, September 21, 2012

Real Life Dates

When I was in the single dating scene I was so fed up with silly dates. I mean who needs to feed the date next to them with a really long spoon, or eat with their hands tied together? It may have been because of my age but I thought those kinds of dates were stupid. Along with finding great budget dates, I think dating is the best time to find common interests and things that you like to do together. One of the things I loved about going on a walk with my to-be wife was the time we had to get to talk. Today my wife and I enjoy going on walks and talking. When my wife and I were dating we also had a lot of fun doing things together like playing tennis, going on hikes, playing racquetball, watching movies, playing games, going on drives by the fancy houses and talking about our dream home and more. These are things that we loved doing together so much, we still have fun doing these things today. That was one of the things that made me fall in love with her. We could find fun in anything we were doing together (even babysitting my nieces and nephews) We even had a list of things we wanted to do together and put them into categories from free to expensive. Some people say that the transition into marriage is really hard, we are still waiting for that moment to happen and it hasn't. I think that is partially due to the fact that we built our relationship while finding things we loved to do together, and those things are now a part of our everyday lives. Yes, we still have times we do something extra special like go to dinner, or go play mini-golf, but for the most part we can spend our free time doing really fun and free things together.

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