Sunday, September 23, 2012

Normal date to Better Date

The movies, a restaurant, the movies, a restaurant.... If you find yourself in a rut when it comes to what you do on a date, then perhaps you haven't been actually getting to know the person you've been seeing. Maybe the guy isn't asking any questions, or maybe the girl isn't opening up on her own, or maybe the date your on is so expected that it literally numbs your brain. Sometimes to get yourself or your date to open up, you have to try something new, something that may put you out of your comfort zone.

The Picnic

The stereotypical picnic is at the park by a tree, on a red checkered blanket, with a basket and maybe some fancy glasses. It's cute, and the girl is sure to smile at a guys effort. But then what? You eat your sandwiches, she thanks you for a job well done, and 20 minutes later you've got nothin'. 

The Shake Up

If your at a park that has a playground uninhabited by zombie kindergartners, then by all means take advantage of the moment! Swings Rock! But 98% of the time, those kids are there, and parents are watching. So start with plan A.

Plan A: After you've eaten, bring out the dessert! Ice cream! Make sure you've asked what kind they like or else its not going to be as good. As you open the cooler you set two gallons of ice cream out; one for each of you. Instead of eating all of it (though some is expected) the game is to use your block of ice cream to carve your dates face. Just tear the wrapper off, give your date a spoon, or plastic knife, and have at it. It's a simple inexpensive way to show your creative sides, and you will still be able to talk to each other as you work on your masterpieces! AND, it forces the both of you to look at each other. Repetitive eye contact will only make you less shy of each other. Don't stare... your ice cream is melting. 

The Sunset Walk

Taking a walk is always a good way to talk with someone and get to know them. Its fairly quiet, the scenery changes, and if you plan it at the right time in the right place it can bring out some major romance. Let's not forget that having fun is important too though. 

The Shake Up

Once the sun has set, pull out your camera, a tripod, and set the camera to a manual or long exposure. The idea is called "Light Painting", and its sure to get both of your creative juices flowing. All you need is a flash light or colored LED's to paint an image into your picture. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of it, but you will lose track of time once you've started. 
The best part, its not likely something your date has done before; which gives your props for creativity and makes you that much more interesting. And it looks cool. Plan on being tagged when they post it to their profile page. 

How to video:

'Light Painting Tutorial Video - Fun with Photography'
More examples:

Photos by Bonnie

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