Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dating on a student's budget

It’s easy to excuse yourself from dating as a student because dates can be expensive and time consuming, which let’s admit requires two things students don’t have: time and money.  So how do we entertain ourselves on a ramen noodle budget with only 1 hour between class and work? My suggestion is keep it simple. I know that it is easy to feel the need to impress, or sometimes it’s a whole lot easier having a structured planned activity because it gives us something to fall back on if we run out of things to talk about but some of the most simple dates have been in my experience the most meaningful.
Think about it, what’s the number one purpose of going on a date? For some people this might vary, but for me it’s to get to know the other person and to show interest and appreciation. What better way to do this then to take a 10 minute walk with someone? The best part about this idea is that it is free!
The reality is that when we do too much planning it often backfires. For example, I once asked a girl out and decided to take her to a restaurant. I was working full-time making a decent income and so it wasn’t hard on my pocket book to go out somewhere nice to eat every now and again. Well I noticed that this girl during the evening started feeling rather uncomfortable and I eventually found out it was because of the prices on the menu. I tried to make things work and so offered to maybe go somewhere else but nothing could make the situation better. She made me feel awkward and she also felt uncomfortable because I was spending way too much money on her.
Now compare that story with my idea of going on a 10 minute walk, when you think about it what could really go wrong on a simple walk?

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