Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Date Your Spouse

My wife have been married about a year and a half.  We still try to go on actual planned dates as often as our crazy schedules permit.  This post is going to explain a simple strategy that will provide a ton of fun dates for you and your spouse and help get your significant other interested in the same things you are.
One interesting aspect of getting married is the combining of different interests and skills.  For example: My wife is a great runner. Me, not so much.  I also have interests that she hadn’t had a lot of experience with.  I love to golf and fly fish.  Before we got married I think she’d done each of them about 2 times.  If I could I would go golfing once a week but at the beginning this meant me leaving her at home while I went out with my buddies.  I started by planning a Friday evening driving range date with my wife.  I took it very slow and eventually she was asking me when we were going to go out on the course.  Now she has her own golf clubs and bag.  Anytime we end up at a sporting good store she heads over to take a look to see which golf shoes she might want to buy.
Don’t worry guys, I still am able to go out with my friends and have a more serious round of golf.  Now I just get to play a whole lot more and get to enjoy it with my wife.  If you and your spouse find yourselves doing different things that you each enjoy separately try asking them to go on a date with you doing the activity you love.  Be super patient with them and pretty soon you’ll both be loving that activity.

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  1. I dont think my Hubs would go for jewelry making... ;)