Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Axe Effect

So I want to share an experience with you. It wasn’t a date but it has led to good results for dates.
It happened a few years ago. I was going four hours out of town to do a job with a group of coworkers. Usually I would have driven myself, but I needed to lean on someone else for the cost of gas. Anyways, the only person who lived close to me was a guy I hated. He was old, obnoxious, and he was terrible at his job. But I needed his help.
As soon as I got into the car he sprayed himself with a typical over the counter body spray most of us know as AXE. It was like 3am, so I figured he had been getting ready on the way to my house. He was pleasant enough for the first little while, I actually wasn’t annoyed with him for the first time ever, though I figured he had some sort of compulsion because he kept spraying himself.
After a few hours, we made a gas stop, and he had neglected to use the spray for a while. I began to feel the tension in my shoulders creep in. Everything he said was beginning to get on my nerves. Then just as our little argument began to escalate, he sprayed the spray. I swear it was less than half a second before I calmed down. Then about a minute later, I began to wonder why our argument stopped, and why I liked him again. EWWE!!
I figured it out! That “Beep!”
I had been studying Psychology that year in school, were we had learned about these little chemicals called Pheromones. It’s a chemical that plays a big part in the “smell of you makes me like you” department.  And HE USED IT AGAINST ME!! Agh!
So boys and girls what did we learn from this?
Those commercials may not be lying, and sometimes an easy way to get their attention is to smell nice. But you have to find the right sent or else it could work against you. I recommend getting some samples or asking your close friends which scents get them the most attention. You can also ask your friends of the opposite sex which ones they have liked on other people in the past.
For instance my favorite smells are obviously from the Axe family, or the Acqua di GiĆ³, and Polo colognes. Some of my girly friends also like the new Old Spice stuff.
Common winners from the guy side have often been the sweet and flowery scents offered by Victorias Secret (Love Spell seems to work most often, go figure). But if your not into the flowery stuff you can try Tommy Girl or Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue.
Dont forget! A easy line that will make your date feel good about themselves: “mmm, you smell so goood”.  I like to say it after I give them a hug; best if only used when they really do smell good, and make sure to emphasize the word (yes it matters!).

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